Loboda soup, fast

Loboda soup, fast

Soon the markets will be filled with greenery, so it's good to take advantage of the variety of offers and detoxify your body. We offer you the recipe for loboda soup, a healthy and fast food, ideal for the fasting period.

Preparation time

45 min.




4-5 loboda connections

2 potatoes (or rice)

6 strands green onion

6 garlic wires

salt, oil

1 l bags


Method of preparation

Wash and clean potatoes in small cubes, then boil them in hot water. About a quarter of an hour, when they have begun to soften, add on the soup: chopped onion, minced garlic and lobster cut into strips.

Continue boiling for another 20 minutes, then add salt and add the boiled soup separately.

At the end put a tablespoon of oil and chopped lard, then take the pot from the fire.


If you do not fast, you can direct the soup directly into the plate with fat cream.

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