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Resting kit for an easy season

Resting kit for an easy season

Biocebral and Bien Dormir help you get through the difficult days and nights

The end of the year brings a lot of responsibilities and tasks that you strive to accomplish as quickly as possible ... work at the office often gets tiring, homework does not stop multiplying, the holidays are approaching with fast steps, and the cold weather and cold weather outside does not help at all in this escape to "vacation".

Stress, daily workload, intense mental stress are just a few of the factors that affect your ability to concentrate and memory. Without a restful and qualitative sleep, the brain can no longer act at full capacity and resume the tonic rhythm of the previous day.

Isn't it so that you would like a well-being so that you can successfully face all the challenges? We offer you a refreshing kit for those days and nights when fatigue does not give you peace.

During the day, Biocebral gives energy to the mind, body and soul. The product increases the capacity for attention and concentration and reduces the state of agitation and fatigue.

Biocebral contains a complex of natural active substances, useful for students and students during exams, people who need to support brain functions or psychic and intellectual overload, as well as those with memory deficiencies.

At night, the range Sleep well helps to install a restful and quiet sleep through the content of standardized plant extracts, carefully selected.

Sleep Strongly Melatonin Strong it helps to reduce the time needed to fall asleep and to alleviate sleep disorders. Bien Dormir Valeriana Forte is efficient in the relaxation needed to install the sleep, as well as improving its quality.

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