Cheap and handy ideas to color your child's room

Cheap and handy ideas to color your child's room

Do you think that coloring your child's room involves an expensive renovation? Nothing wrong! The best design results are always obtained with great inventiveness, not by major investments.

Some cheap and handy ideas are enough to give the personality of a banal room, in which your little one feels like in a small enchanted universe. The environment in which a child grows up puts his imprint on shaping his personality. Take care that your baby develops in a pleasant environment that stimulates his imagination. Color your room with simple decorating tricks, with surprising results.

Handmade wall applications

If the budget does not allow you to vary the walls in bright and harmoniously blended colors or to mount a multicolored wallpaper, you have a much cheaper option: the applications for walls made by yourself and your child.

A very simple alternative is to buy cardboard paper with attractive patterns, to bend it when you make a fan and attach its ends (then glue them with a paper adhesive). You will get a round shape, beautifully patterned on the edges. In the center, you can attach different shapes (of hearts, stars, etc.), for a special aesthetic impact. Attach handmade flowers to the wall with double adhesive tape (so you can replace them at any time).

It's so easy to beautify your child's room! In addition, the child will be delighted to admire their own handmade creations, as in an exhibition that all guests have the chance to admire when they come to visit.

Cheerful garlands

Another creative way to add color to your child's room is to create, together with your little one, cheerful garlands, made from trivial colored circles of paper. Buy a string and many circles of multicolored paper from the bookstore. Use a generously sized needle to insert the string through the center of the circles, just as you insert the beads on a wire. You can place the garland in any area of ​​the room, including the bed, office or window area.

Another option is to cut a long strip of cardboard, attach it to the ends as in a circle and glue on its surface, asymmetrically, the colored circles in the paper. Put them above and below, in different combinations of shades, so that they look like balloons brought together (the aesthetic effect is special). You can place the garland on the lamp of a simple lamp, for example. The possibilities are, of course, numerous!

Improvised furniture

If you have invested a large amount of money in the child's bed or in the office in his room, save money by improvising the other pieces of furniture needed. A good example is to turn an old chair into a practical bedside table.

All you have to do is paint it in bold, vivid colors, compatible with the rest of the decor. On the seat you can beautifully arrange your little boy's books and a watch lamp, and the backrest can be easily used to hang extra toys, paper ornaments or any other pieces of decoration you think would fit perfectly into the landscape.

The door transformed into an art exhibition

You probably thought you could add more color to your child's room by painting the door in a vibrant color.

But you can emphasize its visual impact, transforming it into an art exhibition. Glue the paper garlands door (you can use double adhesive tape, in case you want to give up in the future), from one edge of the door to the other. They have both an aesthetic role as well as a practical one, because you can use them to hang the pictures with which your little one is most proud. The result will be to everyone's liking, guaranteed!

Shelves with books and toys

If in the living room or in your bedroom you try to hide as many household items as possible to maintain the appearance of order, the strategy in question is no longer a happy one for the child's room.

If you want your little one to grow up in a lively room, let him show his toys and books on open shelves. Arrange a corner of his only, where he can arrange as he wishes personal things. When left in sight, they complement the room chromatically and give it that playful charm that a child's room must have.

Colored storage containers

A child's room can never have too many storage containers. Apart from their obvious practical role, they can also be an important aesthetic addition to the room. Cover the old ones with colored gift wrapping paper to give them a new and attractive look.

If you do not have such organizing boxes, you can improvise them from some containers, shopping bags, textile bags, etc. And it is easier to buy them directly from the DIY stores (but it will cost you a little more, of course).

The smart art gallery

An excellent way to store toys is to expose them on the wall and give the child's room a lovely art gallery look. Buy photo frame stickers (you can find them in bookstores and craft stores) and stick them on the wall, in the area where you want to arrange the original exhibition.

Inside the frames, you can paste adhesive posters, which can be removed without the paint on the wall having to suffer. Choose the toys you want to expose and paste them inside the frames, as if they were part of a painting (you can use special adhesive for extra toys or double adhesive tape).

What interesting ideas do you have to color your child's room? Have you implemented such a creative project and can you make a recommendation to other moms? Let us know in the comments section below!