Potato food, fasting

Potato food, fasting

Potato food is a delicious way to prepare potatoes. It is a classic food from the Romanian cuisine, knowing dozens of variants. We offer you our recipe!

Preparation time

45 minutes




1.5 kg of potatoes

2 carrots

2 strains

1 pepper

75 ml of oil

100 ml of water



2-3 bay leaves

fresh green (parsley)

Method of preparation

Clean the onion, then cut it into small cubes and place it in the hot oil. After it becomes glassy, ​​add a little water, about a quarter of the amount specified above.

Add the chopped peppers, the carrot given through the large grater and the potatoes, cut into quarters.

Fill the pan with the rest of the water, add salt, pepper and bay leaves and bring to a boil, over low heat, until the liquid drops.

When the potatoes are almost boiling, add the tomato paste and leave the pan covered, over low heat.

Serve hot food, with green sprinkled on top.



For a special taste season the potato dish with freshly ground pepper.

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