Funny: New Year's resolutions for your child

Funny: New Year's resolutions for your child

Have you ever thought about what your child's New Year's Resolutions might sound like? Who says the little ones do not have their personal ambitions and wishes for positive change in the new year? It is right that in childhood, the most important thing is the present, not the future. But if adults make lists over the list of goals to be achieved in the coming year, let's imagine how these plans would sound if they were made by children (in the spirit of fun, of course).

1. Eat less

In the case of adults, the resolution of the weak in the new year implies the phrase "I will eat less." If it were formulated by children, it would turn into "I will eat less vegetables", supplementing "but more sweets, if I manage to trick my mom."

2. To improve my acting talent

Another resolution that the little ones could set in the new year is to improve the acting talent, very useful when moms and dads need to be convinced to approve: more hours spent on television, fewer restrictions on playing games. computer and limited objections regarding the purchase of sweets from the supermarket.

3. Get more sleep

Adults are always concerned about ways in which they can better organize their sleep program, so that they can rest a decent number of hours each night (despite the demanding daily rhythm). Children do not have the same problem, fortunately, but they may also want a change in this regard. Their resolution would sound like this: "I'll go to bed earlier, but in his mom's bed, of course."

4. To read more books

A good reading is an excellent method of relaxation for adults. In the case of children, especially preschoolers, books are just another source of fun. The resolution of the reading might sound, in the case of the little ones, like this: "I will insist more that my mother and father read at least one story to me every night."

5. To watch TV less

With the tablet at hand, the parents' smart phone close at hand and the two-step computer, who else needs a TV? The little ones could propose a daily program with several drawings, as they can only play hours in a row on other more exciting electronic devices.

6. To do more sports

Kids might also want to do more sports in the new year, because just moving is healthy, right? Anyway, it sounds good to be able to run in the house at your leisure, without being challenged, because the goal is one that is as noble as possible: to achieve the goal of doing as much sports every day!

7. Help my mom cook more

Any ambitious child wants to do "big people" things, like cooking, for example. So, at the beginning of the year, a chick could set their resolve not to miss any meal preparation, since the ingredients for dinner can be wonderful toys, if you have imagination.

8. Redecorate how I can house

The walls would look better with a few original paintings, and the furniture should not always stand in the same position. These are thoughts that could go through the head of the little ones, eager for positive changes in the new year: so start the redecoration!

Has your child set new year's resolutions? Tell us about his original ideas in the comments section below!

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