8 ideas for your preparations to look like professional ones

8 ideas for your preparations to look like professional ones

Do you want the festive meals you organize to have that "je sais quoi" that you admire in friends or, rather, in gastronomic magazines? Find out that there are some tricks that, once put into practice, will help you create preparations and, implicitly, holiday tables that appear to have come off the most luxurious specialty magazines! Here are 8 ideas!

Prepare snacks on toothpicks

A simple and effective trick is to use your toothbrushes to prepare appetizers for a festive meal. All you have to do is find the tastiest combinations - mozzarella with cherry tomatoes and basil leaves, prosciutto with pieces of watermelon, cheeses stuffed with grape seeds s.a.m.d. - which you can highlight, on good quality trays, infusing them into toothpicks! To avoid any incident, especially if there are children on the table, remove the sharp tip of each toothpick separately.

Serve the sauces separately

When you dine at the restaurant, the generous serving of French fries or pizza is accompanied by the required sauce, but not directly in the dish, but in a small separate bowl. Use this gourmet trick to add style to the holiday food, whatever the sauce / dressing for the chosen dishes. In addition, this idea allows you to place a variety of sauces / dressings on the table so that your guests can choose the combinations they want. And the little ones will certainly enjoy the opportunity to play, combining them as they please!

Prepare tiny portions

Pies, bruschetta, quiche, cakes - all can be served in mini versions, but with major impact on the appearance of the festive table! This dish is excellent especially for the occasions when you prepare a Swedish buffet to which you want to print a culinary style addition.

Place the beans on top of each other

You may have never thought of it before, but biscuits, cookies and, in total, flat cakes can be creatively organized by placing them over each other in small effect towers. The children will, of course, be impressed by this find, and you will be spared the headaches associated with organizing this type of dessert on plates, an approach often unsuccessful from an aesthetic point of view.

Impress with a crisp tart

You can't go wrong with a tart from the cheese, either sweet or prepared as an appetizer or main course! And this because this type of dough can be decorated or filled in the most intrusive ways, creating an impact on the measure, both visually and tastefully. The best part is that you can buy ready-to-eat fennel, and you only have to add the delicious ingredients you prefer - an excellent solution especially when you have unannounced guests!

Decorate each preparation separately

Ice cream in the cup, decorated with mint leaves and cherries, cheesecake with chocolate on top, powdered sugar or whipped cream, a few parsley threads and a tablespoon of sour cream added to the steaming saucer plate - all these and many others are great ideas to transform. a preparation with a banal aspect, but otherwise as tasty as possible, in an irresistible attraction for your guests, adults and children alike.

Prepare foods in unique shapes

The shapes you usually use in preparing the treats for the little ones can also serve to give a unique and attractive appearance to appetizers, for example. To make your job easier, remember to apply a few drops of cooking oil to the shapes you use, whatever the foods you prepare.

Organizes preparations in colored layers

Another great idea to add personality to your preparations is to avoid chromatic monotony. More concretely, think of combinations of preparations, so that each plate turns into a real delight for the look: for example, the steaks add a green garnish (cooked spinach, for example) and a serving of rice with oily fruits, on which you can place in layers, to increase the visual impact.

What tricks do you use to create an impeccable festive meal? Share us with your secrets in the comment section below!