The Social Campaign Donates Anything

The Social Campaign Donates Anything

Lindenfeld Association, runs from December 2 to 19, the campaign "Donate Anything", through which it offers aid to the beneficiaries of DGASPC services in sectors 1, 2, 3 and 6.

Lindenfeld Association carries out the educational program "Reach Large" for institutionalized children or poor families, having a partnership with the Departments of Social Assistance and Child Protection in sectors 1, 2, 3 and 6. We work with 300 institutionalized children or from disadvantaged backgrounds, with the help of 150 volunteers.

Between December 2 and 19, we collect gifts for the 300 children from placement centers, family-type apartments and from the maternal assistance system and for the needy families in sector 6.

There are two collection points:

For the children from the centers at Geobar, Covaci Street no. 6

For families from sector 6 - at DGASPC headquarters 6, Istru Street no. 4

We encourage donations of any type of product, new or used, but in good condition: clothes and shoes, toys, games, books, manuals, personal hygiene products, cleaning products, baby products, electronics, home appliances, kitchen equipment, for the house, Christmas decorations etc.

To direct the donation where needed, donors are invited to complete an online form - //

Thank you for your generosity!