Baby's Evening Ideas

Baby's Evening Ideas

The evening meal of a baby should consist of light and healthy foods, but all milk remains the nutritional basis at this age.

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Here are some simple ideas that help you diversify your baby's dinner menu even more!

Until the diversification of nutrition begins, the baby consumes only milk at each meal. After this, the baby begins to combine solid foods with milk at each meal, until after the age of 1 year, even later.

It is true that the volume of milk consumed decreases as it consumes more new types of solid foods, but you do not have to give up completely.

Recipes and suggestions for dinner for babies, offered by mothers

Moms in the community have faced the same dilemma you face when designing your baby's meals.

They decided to ask the advice of other moms and found interesting suggestions on topics in the forum such as "Evening meal at one year".

Here is a selection with the most interesting answers and proposals for dinner.

"It is recommended that before each meal the baby is given milk (it is the primary source of what the body still requires).

For 4-5 months

150-180 ml of milk;

At this age, most children have not yet established a meal schedule.

You can introduce cereals in the morning and in the evening (one tablespoon - and increase the serving gradually).

For 5-6 months


180-240 ml of milk;

1-2 lg. cereals;

1-2 lg. fruits (bananas, apples, peaches, pears).

Before sleep

180-240 ml milk.

For 5-9 months


180-240 ml of milk;

3-5 lg. cereals;

3-6 lg. vegetables or fruits;

2-5 lg. meat, soy (something that contains protein).

Before sleep

180-240 ml milk.

Be careful that the banana and carrot constipate. Pears and peaches are purgative. This is just a guide. Every mother knows best what her child needs. "- Clauscrin

"Try to give him the milk with gravy or food from which you eat (a little broth), something consistent, but easy; I give it to him, and when I put it to the nanny I give him a bottle of milk." - Adriana_eftm

"I gave my little girl a yoghurt, cheese or biscuits or simple cheese. I also gave her cheese and bananas because she liked it a lot. Then milk, of course! From 1 year and something started drinking milk with cookies at night. I made the powdered biscuits, in the blender and put them with milk in the bottle. Then I gave them after the meal. The evening meal was about 19: 00-20: 00 and at 21: 00-22: 00, when we slept. , Pope the milk bottle with biscuits. " - Sierra

"I would give them in the evening either cereals that were made without milk or a yogurt with bread, gravy with milk, pilaf, something not to be disturbed in combination with the milk you put to sleep." - Madasabi

"In the evening at 19:00 I give him food like: yogurt with cereals, biscuits or bread. However, I do not give him meat in the evening, because it is difficult to digest. And before bed I milk him." - Mada_lyna

"I'm on 1 year I gave her soup with meat or vegetable puree. From 9 months does not wake up at night and since then no longer drink milk, in the morning I give her yogurt or bought cereals. After a while he drank milk with biscuits, because I put a lot of Nesquik in it. "

"My little girl is 11 months old and in the evening I milk 2-3 organic biscuits from Hipp, which I weigh, and about 3-4 teaspoons of cereal from Nan and most of the data does not wake up. You will have to a nipple with a big hole, we use the bottles from Nuk with the nipple measure L. And try to increase the milk quantity. " - Maria

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